Every Company’s Processes are Complex, Different and Constantly Changing. (PERIOD)

MarcL: Can you share a little about the founding vision for Aras, the technology and reasons behind this very different technical approach?

Peter Schroer:


Success = Ability to Adapt

The founding vision of Aras is that every company has unique and complex data & process models, and that software should be adapted to fit those models, rather than the business compromised to fit the software.

We also firmly believe that healthy companies change, in fact they should be changing frequently to grow, compete and improve.

They are constantly adapting to new market conditions, customer demands, competitive pressures, new technologies, etc.

Aras has invested heavily in a technology architecture that supports real-time customization, using tools and techniques that customers, including the non-IT staff (with permissions of course), can easily use.

Aras has a single platform, the Aras Innovator enterprise application framework.       This framework is a model-based service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is a modern Internet environment with no legacy code.

Our entire framework is n-tier web-based client-server made of 100% web services.  “Model-based” is our own proprietary innovation that uses a real-time modeling engine to define and execute highly scalable, robust enterprise business applications such as PLM.

The key advantage of the Aras Innovator modeling engine is that all complex business application data models and process models are defined in a graphical drag-and-drop user interface, and model changes are processed in real-time.

Aras Innovator is designed from the ground-up to be changed, and any and all changes are supportable and upgradable to future versions of the framework.

This is what I needed when I was at Thermo Electron and Data General, and it’s what the companies I’ve worked with over my career always wished was possible     so, I started Aras and we did it.


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4 Responses to “Every Company’s Processes are Complex, Different and Constantly Changing. (PERIOD)”

  1. beyondplm Says:

    Single platform, multi-tier, SOA… All these things are claimed by your PLM competitors. Does it mean “graphical drag-n-drop UI for modeling of data, and process” is the only differentiation? Can you compare the “cost of change” if you need to make it in Aras environment, with the cost of changes in Enovia v6, TeamCenter, Windchill? I’d be focusing on TCO, rather than on buzz words. It is easy to drop names. Large companies doing it all the time, btw… IMHO. -Oleg

  2. Laurent Says:

    “in fact they should be changing frequently to grow, compete and improve.”
    Also in the same way they should be proposed always the same solution based on an SOA and stick to it whatever their problems are…. Strange philosophy…. What is good for others is not for me..
    I would rather say that today this may correspond to major problems but obviously ARAS is not binded to this SOA solution.

    • MarcL Says:

      Laurent – Agree that ‘stick to it whatever their problem’ is not a recipe for success. the whole point of SOA is unshackle from the “one system” mentality… a technology agnostic approach for connecting systems. anything that can send & recieve Web services can be client, server or peer to Aras. it’s designed to fit w/ existing systems not force a rip & replace scenario. Thanks for the comment and hope this helps. MarcL

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