Aras, the company

MarcL: People ask all the time, “How can Aras be successful up against such large PLM competitors?”  Maybe you can provide some background on Aras the company?

Peter Schroer:

aras corp

the "A" is for Attitude

I have been in PLM my entire career as an end user, manager, architecture and executive, and I started Aras with a singular focus – to provide the best PLM system for complex processes.

I incorporated Aras Corporation in March 2000, and chose the Boston area because of its PLM talent base and history.

I wanted to be able to hire the best and brightest in the industry and I knew that this was the place to be to attract leading PLM/PDM technologists and execs.

Today, our global headquarters is in Andover Mass (north of Boston) and we have people from across the industry including ComputerVision, Eigner+Partner, MatrixOne (now part of Dassault), Oracle-Agile, PTC, Siemens PLM Software (UGS-Unigraphics-SDRC), Workgroup Solutions and others.

We tend to hire experienced people, people with over 10 years in the PLM/PDM industry and prior experience managing PLM-related processes at an ‘end-user’ company.    And we pay special attention to attitude.       In fact, I like to say that the “A” is for Attitude.

We run a demanding, high-energy environment.   It’s not for everyone.   But for people that want to be challenged, that want to really innovate and get things done, I think we’ve created a great place to work, grow, develop and succeed.

A lot of people at Aras have families with kids, including me, and we’ve put in place a lot of flexibility to accommodate that work-life balance which I think is important.

From our beginning over a decade ago, I have insisted on a Customer First philosophy built on honesty, integrity and trust. I believe there are a lot of places where those values are sorely lacking.  Aras is not one of them.

We strive to build lasting, long-term relationships with our customers, partners and each other.  I want Aras to be the easiest company in PLM to do business with and the most fair.    We apply a professional management approach to the business, yet we retain our sense of purpose, passion and attitude in everything we do.

We have offices and partnerships around the world and we’re now more than 10 years into it.   We are building Aras to scale.    Its a Delaware C corp with GAAP accounting that’s funded by institutional pe/venture and individual investors.

We take a process-oriented perspective and work hard to systematize all aspects of our global operations     and we use our own software to run the company.  We call it myInnovator, it’s our own installation of Aras Innovator.  More on that in another post.


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