Pick Lists and Data Validation in Aras

MarcL: PLM solutions should support pre-defined pick lists, validation of data entered, etc. including the dynamic creation of appropriate (i.e. filtered-based on user access rights) pick lists, validation of data entered, etc. Can you describe how this is supported?

Peter Schroer:

Aras Innovator includes Pick Lists, field level validation and form level validation as standard form definitions.

Dynamic filtered lists are a standard part of the modeling tools within the Aras solution studio (graphical administrator/dev interface).  Most filtering rules can be implemented without programming, for example user access rights is a standard filter.  

The meta-dictionary of these filtering and validation rules is also accessible through the web interface, so that data entered programmatically by other systems can be verified.

We’ve made it pretty simple to do these kinds of things and provide training on how to set-up, administer and modify these capabilities yourself.


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