Released Data, Baselines and Single “View” of the Truth in Aras

MarcL: PLM solutions should ensure that all users receive the latest version of any item managed which requires the solution to track all changes to the item as well as formal releases of final changes.    PLM solutions should also be able to provide a snapshot of data states and associated object release levels for specific user-defined release levels of an Item.

Peter Schroer:

The underlying architecture of Aras Innovator preserves “baselines” of configurations automatically as data is changed;  both Work-In-Process (WIP) editing and the release events.

Your company can then define which of these Baselines you want to expose, by default in the CMII model, the ECN Workflow automatically creates the configuration baseline.

If you would like to create named snapshots, you can tailor the rules to allow exposing the underlying “baselines” as required, and applying a name to the selected configuration.  All WIP and Release changes are tracked by default, this is Aras’s out-of-the-box configuration.

User permissions and profiles determine whether the user sees    the latest version,    the latest released version,     the latest version released in his / her location (may not be the “latest” revision), etc.

At Aras we recognize that in a globally distributed company, the single version of the truth, may have different “viewpoints” (single view of the truth) depending on the user’s context.

All of these views are supported, in addition to the classic CMII-style of configuration management which is the out-of-the-box set up.

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