BPM / Workflow Voting and Promotion Authorization in Aras

MarcL: PLM solutions should provide the capability of assigning multiple reviewers and voting schemes at each approval level, and be able to support different approval voting schemes such as majority, chairman override, etc., with each release level having different pre-defined approvers. Also, PLM should provide the capability to enforce second level passwords.

Peter Schroer:

Aras Innovator includes all of these workflow capabilities out-of-the-box and they are the basis for the Enterprise Change Management functionality in our solution as well as other process-based applications in the suite.

Inside the SOA framework the Aras Innovator workflow service is a full BPM (business process management) application that is integrated at the platform-level within our PLM environment.

Aras Innovator’s BPM supports advanced capabilities such as hierarchical workflow maps and dynamic assignments based on role and / or classification and can include other business rules as well.

aras workflow process map

Aras Innovator Workflow Process Map Provides Branching, Parallel Paths, Many Different Voting Capabilities and more

The browser-based solution studio uses a Graphic drag-and-drop design that power users that have the appropriate permissions can do without IT / programming skills to provide serial paths, rules-based branching, parallel paths, voting (linear, weighted, veto), tasks for users, tasks for automation, and electronic signatures (either the session password, or a 2nd level “signature” password for compliance requirements such as the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11).

The Aras workflow web service supports varied voting schemes out-of-the-box including the majority, override (Aras calls this a Veto), individual/chairman executive override, and the specific workflow process (Map) that is executed can depend on the lifecycle status, product classification, or other business rule.

We provide training on how to implement, customize, and optimize the use of these Aras Innovator process capabilities.

For additional information on workflow see the previous post ‘Lifecycle, Workflow and Other Types of Process Management in Aras’ or check out the Posts Tagged ‘Workflow’.

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