BPM Workflow Library and Custom Workflows in Aras

MarcL: PLM solutions should enable a library of workflows from which administrators and authorized users can select and apply workflows appropriate to the process, product, project or other requirement. This library should contain both process flow and business rules.

Peter Schroer:

The standard out-of-the-box Aras Innovator PLM solutions include this capability.

Workflow Maps is the Aras term for the library of processes that are maintained by the administrator or power users that have the appropriate permissions.

Your company will have dozens of Workflow Maps in the library.

You can easily modify, extend and integrate your Workflows using the graphical drag-and-drop editor in Aras Innovator’s Solutions Studio.

You can even create entirely new Workflows from scratch in minutes instead of months.   These can be for your global PLM environment or even non-PLM business processes.

We provide training on how to manage and customize Aras Innovator’s workflows.

For additional information see ‘Electronic Signatures, Workflows, Lifecycles and Security in Aras’ and ‘Change Process Definition, SOA Workflow Service and Integration in Aras‘ or check out the Posts Tagged ‘Workflow’.

Aras Workflow Process Map Library

Screenshot example of Workflow Map library in Aras and the initiation of a New Workflow (Create New)

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2 Responses to “BPM Workflow Library and Custom Workflows in Aras”

  1. Sathishkumar C Says:


    Can you tell me the procedure to create custom new workflow in Aras?

    Simly like….

    Start > Submit DOC > Review 1 >Review 2 > Approve

    Help me.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. MarcL Says:

    Sathishkumar – Thanks for your question. You can certainly create new and custom workflows in Aras. Best place to get information on these procedures is on the Aras Forums http://community.aras.com/en/forums/topic/custom-workflow/

    For excellent hands on learning you can take Aras Training also http://www.aras.com/university/ We run classes regularly and you will learn all the details you need for workflow and many other capabilities of Aras.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care,


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